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Over the last 40 years technology has consistently been improved by numerous inventions and developments of vacuum lifters. Today ETIS Mvelaphanda Engineering is among the leading companies in vacuum technology. The company ETIS Mvelaphanda Engineering offers you an innovative and comprehensive range of vacuum components, handling devices as well as automatic vacuum transport systems, which are being used in various industries.

ETIS Mvelaphanda Engineering fabricated vacuum lifters are a unique product which can speed up lifting of porous and non porous goods, as well as sheet and fabricated goods. The lifters are self contained units with there own vacuum grip. They have unmatched mobility for use within any industry, indoor and out, even if products need to be stacked, packed, loaded, un-loaded, stored, handled or transferred. They can be operated by an individual and can lift loads of under one kilogram to greater than 5 tons for light use, going up to approximately 30 tons for heavy use. Thus streamlining your workforce and business productivity.


  • One person handling
  • For use with any hoist or lifting truck
  • No scratching or marking of smooth surfaces
  • No damage to edges or corners
  • Clean and silent operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Low running costs
  • Non magnetic
  • Safe backup system
  • Handles non ferrous and ferrous metals
  • Ease of use \ minimal staff training
  • Reliable, versitile, safe, economical
  • Built in safety systems ( audible alarms, flashing lights)


  • Wood / furniture
  • Motor
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Granite / stoneStainless steel
Porous Drums Wooden Surfaces Slab Lifter
Wooden Surfaces
Slab Lifter
Vacuum Components Stainless Steel &/ Non-Magnetic Plastic Sheets Custom Built Lifters
Vacuum Components Stainless Steel &/ Non-Magnetic Plastic Sheets Custom Built Lifters
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